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 Did You Know?

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PostSubject: Did You Know?    17/7/2013, 14:17

*The Genesis*

The story I'm about to tell you is about those who we call gods. Listen carefully as this is the true story...

Long ago, in a time before thought, there was only a globe in which all creation was mixed. As there was nothing with which to compare it, the globe was big and small, dark and bright, everything and nothing.

There was a goddess of creation Einhasad and created forms using her own spirit. Her children used their own powers to create life from these forms.

Shilen instilled the spirit of water into the first form that was created. This is how the race of Elves was created.Paagrio instilled the spirit of fire into the second form that was created. This is how the race of Orcs was created.Maphr instilled the spirit of earth into the third form. This is how the race of Dwarves.Sayha instilled the spirit of wind into the fourth form. This is how the race of Arteias was created.

Gran Kain was a free and uninhibited god. However, he made a very great mistake by seducing Shilen, his eldest daughter. They conducted an affair, avoiding the eyes of Einhasad, until Shilen became pregnant. When Einhasad found out, she became enraged. Stripping her daughter of her position as water goddess, Einhasad ordered Shilen banished from the continent. Gran Kain turned his back on the situation, and Shilen was left to deal with her fate alone.

After Shilen was gone, Eva inherited the authority to rule over water. But Eva had a timid nature and after witnessing her elder sister's terrible demise and the war among gods, she became even more fearful. In order to avoid the weighty responsibility that fell to her, she dug a tunnel at the bottom of a lake and hid.With no goddess to rule over them, the spirits of water were without purpose and began to wander aimlessly.

In addition, due to Gran Kain's lewd conduct and Einhasad's jealousy, The Underworld was created and various demons came into existence.

Turned down by the pragmatic Dwarves and neutral Arteias, the Elves were left with no allies to wage war against the orcs. Left to bemoan their fate, the Elves were surprised by the appearance of a stranger among their ranks.

"What is it, leader of the lowly humans?" the Elven king asked. "Do you come to mock our plight?"

The Human bowed his head and spoke, "No, wise king. We come to see if our feeble forces may be of any assistance."The Elves rejoiced, for though the humans were foolish and weak, their great numbers could be of help in battle. "Very commendable of you, Human king," the Elven king acquiesced. "Insignificant beings you may be, but your devoted loyalty and willingness to sacrifice your lives for us is admirable. Go forth in battle to victory and you shall gain standing directly beneath the elves." The Human king bowed deep before the Elven king, then lifted his head, facing his Elven counterpart. He spoke, "We Humans, Our powers are too weak. Our teeth cannot even scratch the skin of the Orcs and our nails are useless against their muscles. We beg of you, grant us the power to stand against them. Teach us the knowledge of your magic."

     To Be Continued...

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Did You Know?
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